Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Poem: To My Daughter

Mama's note: Another poem from the same woman on Facebook.

To My Daughter

Look my sweet girl, at her long gentle face,
Those tender, trusting eyes,
She’s a mother like me, with a daughter like you,
Please don’t listen to the lies.

Her milk isn’t meant for humans,
It’s to make her baby strong,
And stealing something that isn’t ours
Is always very wrong.

Look my sweet girl, at his cute squishy face,
Those deep, engaging eyes,
He has a name, just like you and me,
Please don’t listen to the lies.

He’s not another breakfast food,
To go with toast and fruit,
He loves his life, fresh air and mud,
Let’s watch him roll and root.

Look my sweet girl, at her delicate face,
Those tiny, inquisitive eyes,
She’s pleasant and curious, like you, she has friends
Please don’t listen to the lies.

She’s not another egg machine,
To be crammed into a cage,
Let’s let her dust-bathe in the sun
And live to a ripe-old age.

Look my sweet girl, at the beauty and grace,
The affection that animals give,
Without them the world’s a much gloomier place,
So together we’ll help more to live.


  1. Aimee, I am moved to tears by your eloquent piece. I don't know if you'll remember me - we met briefly at one of the TNR workshops you taught last March around the Slope Street area (I was the Canadian!).

    All the very best to you and your wonderful family!

  2. Kristi, I definitely remember you and enjoy seeing how much wonderful work you're doing for ferals in Canada! Thank you so much, but I can't take credit for this poem, I found it on Facebook and it was written by another vegan mama. Her name is Heather Leughmyer. It it's a lovely poem, isn't it?

  3. Thanks Aimee. It is truly a beautiful poem! I look forward to following your wonderful musings!


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