Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thora the Bee

Thora the Bee is actually more of a tomato these days. When she gets gassy she turns bright red and her face scrunches up and she looks like the tomato in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Johnny sings her that movie theme song all the time and I asked my mom to knit her a tomato hat. She did and it's soooo cute (picture to come). But "Thora the Bee" is the name of a song Johnny made up for her. (Is it sad that it's my favorite song these days and I ask him to sing it again and again?) He sings it to her all the time. And since her name is Thora Bea and since Johnny sometimes calls her "Miss Bea" AND since we needed a cute name for the blog, Thora the Bee it is.

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  1. How sweet!!! This is a lovely blog...wish there had been computers 33 years ago when my baby was coming...I did start writing a journal but have no idea what has happened to it.


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