Friday, May 28, 2010

Jesus Built Thora's Hot Rod

Last week I lost my iPod. Even though I don't listen to it the way I used to (which was constantly) I do sometimes use it in one ear when I'm wearing a sleeping Thora, and I plug it into my computer at work. So losing it was devastating because a) I am a music snob and I had my iPod set up with 30 gigs of music exactly the way I liked it and b) I do not lose things. I can't stand clutter and disorganization. I know where everything is at all times. I don't throw things out accidentally, leave things in places where they can get stolen, or forget where I put things. Therefore, I have deduced the following: I stuck my iPod in a very full diaper bag and when I pulled out a diaper or a onesie from the very bottom - things gravitate to the bottom of that bag with a pull that is second only to The Force - my iPod came out with it and I didn't hear it fall.

So I complained and I whined and I tore the apartment apart but the iPod stayed missing. Then I got angry at myself and angry at Johnny, who has a brand new iPod that he loves, for no other reason than that he didn't lose his. Then I mourned. And then I gave in and bought a new one.

I didn't let myself get an iTouch. Losing my iPod is, after all, an example of why I can't have nice things. I got a little purple Nano with 16 gigs of memory. I spent a few sad evenings deleting things from my playlists and eventually I pared my "must haves" down to size.

The cool thing is that this little purple gadget takes videos! My old one didn't, so these paragraphs are my long-winded way of saying I have videos of Thora! We have fun in our house. Check it out!

Here is Thora laughing hysterically to her Daddy being silly and saying "Pikachu" over and over. For some reason, "Pikachu" is Thora's favorite word.

In this video, Thora is playing air guitar to Minstry's Jesus Built My Hot Rod, with a little help from her Daddy again.


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