Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thora Swimming with Milo 8.7.10

This morning Thora and I met with Marla and Milo to go for a swim. This is the third or fourth time we've gone to their pool with them. Today the pool was full of kids and the lifeguard kept bringing out balls, noodles and other kids' pool toys. She gave us a little yellow baby life preserver raft thingy. Thora loved it so much! She spent the whole time just floating around, relaxing, and smiling. I did laps pushing her in front of me and twirled her around and around while she giggled happily. She looked so relaxed I kept saying she just needed her sunglasses and a beer and she'd be all set. Marla dug out her camera and took these pictures for us.

Our friends Marla and Milo. We don't want you to move! :(

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