Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teeny and the Bee Dot Blogspot Dot Com

When my entire template got weird on me last night, I was poking around Blogger to try to figure out how to make it not do weird things when I post like change colors and add blank lines and decide to post pictures left justified instead of center. I couldn't figure any of that out, but I did come across a place where I could change the URL of the blog. I impulsively decided to do it because now I have two kids and I didn't want Freyja to be left out from the title of the blog as she grows up.

So I did it. Clicked save. Then I tried to find my blog and for one horrible, heart-in-throat moment, it looked like the entire thing had been deleted. Undo! Undo! Why can't I undo?! Help. Browse the goddamn forums, are you kidding me? Ack, what have I done?

Then I just tried logging in. It's all there. Phew. But you need to know where to look now. So get ready to bookmark. It's teenyandthebee.blogspot.com

Happy reading!

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