Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teeny's turn

Meanwhile, little Teeny is slowly catching up to her sister. She's eight months old now. She  is the happiest baby I have ever seen in my life and we feel so blessed to have her as ours. But she's lazy. This kid needed to be coaxed into doing everything, including staying awake to nurse when she was brand new, gaining weight, rolling over, eating solids, and now sitting up. This is not only behavioral. She's doing everything a little later, a little more slowly than her sister. She still doesn't have any teeth! But she is so unbelievably happy. So why rush, I guess?

This is a crap quality video but you can see that Bee and the cats are really ready for her to play with them, and she's trying!

She laughs and laughs:

She eats and makes a mess. Her favorites are vanilla soy yogurt, hummus, avocado, Mama's lentil spinach sweet potato soup,  and prunes.

She doesn't mind tummy time:

She sits in the Bumbo:

She sits up by herself finally, woo hoo!

She naps very, very well (here, she was in the wrap with a blanket over her and I just dumped the whole mess of baby and stuff in the carseat... and she didn't wake up!):

She will play with anything you hand her:

She's contemplative of everything else:

And flirts with everyone. Those eyes! That smile!

With Mama:

With Hilary and cousin Elliot:

With Josh:

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