Monday, September 6, 2010

Date Night Dinner Photos of the Poopster

I posted about our dinner date here, but didn't have the pictures to complete the story until now.

Our table waaaaay in the back:

Thora all dressed up, in a high chair and making a major mess of herself (pre-poopsplosion):

"Hello to all my fans!"

Mmmm, nutritious white bread. :(

And post-poopsplosion, still happy (I've spared you the "during") and totally getting into everything:

Pay no attention to the red cheeks on the mama:

The food (which I am posting so I don't forget that it is possible to have a really nice meal with an infant, not to gross you out):

On the way home, back to the hotel, messy and exhausted!


  1. What kind of dress is that? I've got a wedding coming up.

  2. Believe me, it is not as bad as a toddler poopsplosion while in the carseat only 2 hours into the NY-Florida drive. Believe me. The best is yet to come (shudders).

  3. Also, disposable diapers are useless at containing poopsplosions. Try putting a cloth diaper cover over the sposie for prevention and containment. ;)


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