Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacation from the No-Cry Sleep Solution

We are working hard on the No-Cry Sleep Solution. I am not one for CIO (cry it out) so every night we make teeny tiny baby steps. We are making progress, but it's slow.

In Asheville the hotel had cribs. I stuck Thora in one for a nap. Here is proof that she CAN sleep in a crib:

For five minutes, anyway. When she woke up, she made it very clear that our king size bed was where she preferred to sleep.

Vacation is not the time to work on the No-Cry Sleep Solution, so I caved and let her go on vacation from cribs and co-sleepers and let her bed down with us.

Disappointing, but at least it made for cute photo opps. Look at those feet!

And the crib? It served as a great clothes horse! (And here's Thora in her skinny jeans.)

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