Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pregnancy Blog #4 - Riding the Waves

Week 7.

The morning sickness is in full effect morning, noon, and night. On my way to work I almost hurled right on Second Ave. I ended up dry heaving and spitting while Johnny sang the Rocky theme song to me through the phone.

I ate a whole box of crackers today. I had people in and out of my office all day while I sipped herbal tea, gulped San Pellegrino and ate cracker after cracker. My waistbands are getting tighter and tighter. I see my belly. Johnny sees it too. So far no one else has seen it.

Seven weeks in to the second time around, I think the nausea is mostly mental. Not entirely. Hot and crowded subway cars are bad. Wearing a scarf knotted around my neck made me come close to yakking today from the pressure it put on my throat. I made a vegetable soup that smelled like rotted sewage. I feel it in waves and there are definitely things that make it worse, but it's always worse just when I think about it. I only have to say "morning sickness" to myself, or "I feel gross" or "I don't want to take my vitamins" or "first trimester," and I am gagging. When Johnny sings Rocky to me or Thora smiles at me or I get wrapped up in my work, the waves are tempered and I am fine.

I broke down and ordered sea bands today. I hope they come soon.


  1. I'm so excited to read the rest of these (even if they aren't all upbeat, of course I don't expect sunshine and moonbeams from you every minute, mama). Thank you for sharing. ox

  2. Morning sickness fascinates me, as it has every time I've experienced it. It's like being poisoned with molten jewels.


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