Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 things Johnny loves about me

Yesterday Johnny and I made a deal to each write a list of ten things we liked about the other. I followed directions and wrote a list. He paid no attention to the rules and wrote me the most amazingly positive, cheerleading, confidence-boosting love letter I have ever received. It's SO good to feel loved by my favorite person on earth. I needed it. And here it is:

The things I love about you. 

Your intelligence is extremely attractive and I'm always drawn to it. I always look forward to a good conversation with you. I've learned so much from you and I retain more and more everyday. 

Your drive. You get shit done. You have no idea how much I admire you for this. You wake up running. And because of your overzealous drive, you're pushy with me. Which is great otherwise I'd move through life in slow motion and do nothing.

You are an amazing mother. The girls have the perfect role model. I love how they adore you and cling to you. Well... I wish they'd cling a bit less for your sake. ;)  

The way you provide for and protect our family is fierce and infallible. You are our true source of strength and it amazes me to watch you work it.

Traveling with you and everything it entails. We work really well together this way.  The car rides, walks, conversations, coffee, spanning time together, everything. 

 You're an amazing writer. I love that you write about our family. The charismatic and elegant way you weave words together makes anything you write an easy read.   

 Your stunning beauty stops me dead in my tracks. When your eyes catch me, they lock mine in a timeless embrace. I could look at you forever. Your body shape and height fit so perfectly with mine. When we hug, it feels so perfect. When we.... ;)

Your smell. Your breath, your neck, your perfume mixed with you, your.... all of you is intoxicating.

I love your taste in music. Watching you dance with a huge smile to a favorite song or singing all the lyrics you have stocked in that wonderful mind of yours. It makes me smile every time.

That you're vegan and compassionate towards other humans no matter how annoying they are. I have a lot to learn here and I'm trying. I swear.

I fucking love you!!!!!


  1. The sweetest. Steve would be like, "You feed me and the sex."

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